The documentation below provides step-by-step instructions illustrating how to use the software. It also describes the intent behind and meaning of the analyses. At the very least, please read the "Getting Started" section or view the video prior to using the software. "Getting Started" provides an overview of the three main features of the software: causally modeling the connections between stocks, forecasting stock performance and risk, and optimizing portfolios. The "Create an Investment Model" section shows you how to build a causal network using the software. "Analyze Unconditional Forecasts", "Create Unconditional Forecasts", and "Create Conditional Forecasts" show you how to forecast and interpret the performance and risk of individual nodes in the network. "Optimize and Analyze Portfolios" show you how to optimize and analyse portfolios based upon your forecasts. "Evaluating Forecast Accuracy" shows you how to assess the accuracy of forecasts for the portfolio and individual nodes.